Best Leather Bags for Men and Women

Leather bags are so much more than a place to keep your laptop, gym wear, or all your other essentials. They are a must-have fashion accessory — a real statement piece. Today, many manufacturers make leather bags for both men and women, and there are various styles and colors to choose from. But who makes the best leather bags? Let's break it down... 


What are the Best Types of Leather Bags?

There are various leather bag styles for men and women.


Crossbody leather bags are one of the most popular styles. These items distribute the bag's weight to both sides of the body. They suit both men and women who want to store heavier items like laptops and other electronics. Because they don't sit on one shoulder, crossbody leather bags are easy to carry throughout the day, whether you are traveling to work, school, the gym, or elsewhere. 


Shoulder leather bags are a good idea if you want to carry essentials like a wallet, smartphone, passport, camera, leather journal notebook, and other items hands-free. You wear this bag over one shoulder, and it is a great choice for both men and women. It's important to choose a leather shoulder bag that won't cause your shoulder to ache. Choosing a reputable retailer will ensure this isn't a problem. People think that shoulder leather bags are only available in brown or black, but this isn't the case at all. Shoulder leather bags for men and women come in various color shades. 

Leather Messenger Bag

Leather messenger bags (or leather laptop bags) are extremely versatile. They might fit over the body or just the shoulder, but you can carry them with handles, too. These bags let you carry a wide range of items, including a laptop, wherever you plan on traveling. Like the other leather bags on this list, messenger bags will suit both men and women and come in various style choices. Looking for the best leather laptop bag? Check out our online store. 


Leather backpacks have a different design than messenger bags and place the weight on the back. These types of bags are still popular with schoolchildren who need to carry books and other school supplies, but both adult men and women also use them. This is because leather backpacks have more storage than the other bags on this list. Whether you need to carry a laptop, camera, school supplies, files, books, or more, leather backpacks provide you with a return on your investment. Choosing a good retailer will ensure your leather laptop backpack doesn't put too much tension on your shoulders when you are walking around. 


Where to Buy the Best Leather Bags Online?

Not all online retailers are the same. You need to choose a company that offers:


  • A wide range of leather bag styles for men and women.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • International, fast shipping.
  • Competitive prices. 
  • The latest designs.
  • Various color options.
  • Returns (if you are not satisfied with the product).



Looking for a leather laptop bag? A mens leather messenger bag? A womens or mens crossbody bag? Whatever you need, you've come to the right place. We Leather Jackson specialize in a wide range of leather bags for both men and women. 


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  • Johny

    Leather bags are something that will never go off trend. My father was so troubled using his old bags which he need to change or repair after every 8 months. So I gifted him a leather laptop bag from your website for his office and now he is so contented with the quality of the bag and he has been using this leather bag since 1.5 year now and the bag is still in its original condition.

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