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Laptops - considering the new era has become one of the most valuable parts of individual lives. Choosing how you carry the valuable possession sets your status symbol and what better option than to choose the leather backpacks for laptops.

Leather has been worked with for 7,000 years as known already is an epitome of class and elegance and leaves an impressive impression on people wherever you carry it with you.

Leather comes from the hide of the animals. Alluring as they look, choosing genuine leather laptop bags might be a bit tricky, and with countless options available which one might suit them best is a notion that might require a bit of research in order to select the best leather laptop bags.

There are indeed many types of leather backpacks and bags for laptops. The scuffle is to choose the best suitable one which will fulfill and encompass all the necessities.

Considering how its use will be, one thing that will be common would be the want of durable and a good storage space bag. While buying, a lot of questions might come across your mind for instance which type of leather bag, which material would be the best. Here we have answered most of your queries.


Types of leather laptop bags

Leather Messenger Bags:

Messenger bags in general are used to carry heavy items, adding leather to the pattern makes it a style and statement symbol. The leather laptop messenger bags have gained a lot of popularity.

What is it exactly? Messenger bags are rectangle bags that get hung on the shoulders from the strap, and if you are a perfectionist who loves to see your things organized in a good manner, this bag might be it.

All the generations find it attractive and comfortable enough to carry wherever they want to. They are durable and strong enough to carry heavy items. The weight of the bag is distributed evenly as the shoulders hold the weight with the wide strap.

It is a fashion icon and easy to carry. It can also be addressed as an improvised version of leather backpacks for laptops.  

Leather Briefcases:

Imagine this, all your official paper in your bare hands and your pocket being overloaded with all the important items, how does it look? Substandard and inadequate right?

And now imagine once again, All you have is your premium leather briefcase in your hand, no overloading pockets or official papers falling off from your bare hands. Doesn't it give you an image of elegance and class?

That is what the addition of a leather briefcase to your essentials does, it accommodates all your other essentials.

Apart from giving the sense of elegance and status symbol the briefcase is also rigid and durable and goes on to be your trusted companion for a long time.

Conventionally it comes in two patterns, one being the soft-sided ones and the other hard-sided ones. The soft-sided ones have no sturdy frame on their fronts but rather a soft cover and often contain straps and the handle as well.

While the hard-sided ones have a firm frame on their cover and they come with handles to carry them. The leather briefcase for laptops is the best choice for classic office-going people.  


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Types of leather used in leather laptop bags

Men's / women’s leather laptop bags get differentiated into various types depending on how it is produced and which raw material is being used in its making.

If you have purchased leather bags before you know the different types, their pros, and cons. But if you are a new buyer and are getting confused about the alike, relax those creases on your forehead and have a look at the topics listed below.


Full Grain Leather:

The full-grain leather is produced from the top layer of hide or skin just below the hair of the animal. As the name suggests, it includes all the grains from the animal skin.

It is used majorly in the making of shoes, furniture, and leather backpacks for laptops. It might come expensive but it is durable and strong and is also known as the most genuine leather.

The best leather laptop bags are produced from this leather. The identification of full-grain leather can be done by checking if the leather has been sanded because the full-grain leather does not go through any such process, it is rather a pure hide of the animal.

The processed ones go through the process of correction in which skin moles and scars are removed and it feels a bit rigid. All the premium/luxury leather laptop bags are preferably made from this leather.

This type of leather is more breathable which gives it the durability to last longer. Though a bit expensive, it is worth every penny you would spend.

Top Grain Leather:

The next premium leather is the top grain leather. The difference between this leather and full-grain leather is that the top grain leather is sanded and hence can be shaped and dyed as desired, in a nutshell, it is easier to work with.

Even though the process provides the leather with shine and richness, it loses a bit of durability. But apart from that, this leather is considerably water-resistant, the best water-resistant leather among the others.

Since the scars and all other blemishes are removed from the leather, it provides a shiny, smooth, and sleek look. It is used in the making of leather jackets due to the finishing touch and looks it provides.

Though it is said that when any lather gets processed it loses a bit of its durability, the top grain leather is still considered the most durable leather. Over time, this leather gains a patina look which pops out the beauty of the leather.  

Genuine Leather:

Though the name is genuine, it is considered as one of the lowest quality leather. It is made from the remains of the hide that is left after the production of the top layer hide which is used in making the full grain and top grain leather.

Leather backpacks for laptops aren’t preferred from this leather type but there are genuine leather laptop bags made from different kinds of leather mixed. It is definitely cheaper than the other leather types but is not that durable or lasts long.

It is mainly used for the inside of the belts or cheap boots. If you do not care about the standard of the leather purchase, how long the product will last, if it is shining or not, or if the leather isn’t waterproof, you can go ahead and purchase products made from this leather.

The processing makes the leather a bit less breathable, hence affecting the lasting of leather.  


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What type of leather is best:

Leather is known to come from the hide of animals, and most of them come from the cattle hide. Warm, soft, durable, strong, beating the time are some of the characteristics of the best leather type and the same characteristics which you might look for in the best leather laptop bags.

So many leather types surrounding the market end up confusing about which one to buy and which one is the best type of leather, which one is genuine and which is not.

To buy the best, you should also be able to differentiate and identify the different types of leather. The first step is to understand the leather types and for what purpose you are researching - what product you require.

Full-grain leather is contemplated as the best leather type. Being the direct layer just below the hide or skin of the animal, it is the most durable and strong part of the hide and hence resulting in the yield of high quality and expensive leather.

We at leather jackson provide the best quality leather products including genuine leather laptop bags.  


Laptop Fit And Compartments:

Buying the best leather laptop bags’ first necessity is that the bag fits your laptop and other essentials completely. What makes the bag even more attractive is the number of compartments and pockets it has. Men's / women’s leather laptop bags should be able to fulfill these requirements. Here are some of the bags listed with their fit and compartment details.  

Name Compartments Fit
Men’s Crossbody Bag Leather Laptop Briefcase
  • Main compartment pockets - 2
  • Inside pen holders - 2
  • Inside open pockets - 2
  • Inside zipper wall pocket - 1
  • Inside laptop pocket - 1
  • Exterior flap zip pocket - 1
  • Exterior back zip pocket - 1
  • Exterior snap fastener pockets - 2
  • Item weight: about 3.7lb
  • Dimensions: L 16.61" x H 12.41" x D 4.61"
  • Shoulder strap: up to 59” length
  • Can fit a 15.3 inch Laptop like Macbook Pro in the interior main compartment pocket and a 14-inch laptop in the computer compartment.
Leather Laptop Backpack Knapsack Bag The Bilbao Design
  • Main Compartment
  • A Pocket With A Zipper Inside
  • Middle Main Zipped Compartments (which consists of many small wall pockets)
  • Can fit up to 15 inch laptops.
  • Has a Handle on top
  • Adjustable wide back straps
Canvas & Buffalo Leather Laptop Backpack Casual Campus School Rucksack
  • Main compartment with a zipper that is covered by a leather flap
  • 1 shockproof laptop compartment
  • 1 large front magnetic closure pocket
  • 1 back anti-thief pocket
  • 2 side pockets
  • 2 inside wall pockets
  • Can fit up to 16 inch laptops
  • Dimensions of the laptop pocket : 16" (H) × 12" (W) × 5" (L) in.
  • The straps are adjusted and padded.
Leather Shoulder Briefcase Messenger Bag
  • 1 compartment
  • 1 inner zippered security pocket
  • 1 external zipped
  • Can fit small laptops and tabs
  • Size of the bag: 10 x 13 inch
Leather Laptop Backpack 17 inch The Mochila
  • 1 main Compartment
  • Laptop Compartment
  • Front pocket
  • An external pocket
  • An internal pocket
  • Length 18.9" (48cm) x Width 6.3" (16cm) x Height 17.7" (45cm)
  • Item Weight: 4.85lb/2.2kg.
  • Can fit 17.3 inches laptop
  • The front pocket can fit iPad

Top 10 leather laptop bags

1. Leather Laptop Backpack The Palmas College School Bag

leather backpack for laptops

Travelling, going to school or college, this backpack’s craftsmanship is too good to not accompany you. It’s rather stylish and big enough to carry a 15.6” laptop and other travel or school essentials.  


2. Leather Laptop Bag The Girona 18" Inch Bag

best leather laptop bag

Vintage, stylish, and for everyday use, what else could you ask for in a laptop bag? Two front pockets, covered with a leather flap attached with two buckles, secure and with enough storage space to carry a 15 inch laptop /Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air and an iPad.  


3. Leather Laptop Backpack 17 inch The Mochila

Leather laptop backpack 17 inch the mochila

Short term travels for business or hiking? This bag will be hady for you as it gives you enough storage space for a laptop, an external pocket, big enough to fit an ipad. The main compartment can fit books, clothes. It has a back diamond stitch making it even more pleasing for the eyes.  


4. Men’s Crossbody Bag Leather Laptop Briefcase

Men’s Crossbody Bag Leather Laptop Briefcase, Men's Leather laptop bag

Back Side zipper, wallet holder, phone holder and so many zippers enough to carry all your essentials for work or college/school. Classy and practical.  


5. Leather Laptop Backpack Knapsack Bag The Bilbao Design

Leather Laptop Backpack Knapsack Bag The Bilbao Design, Leather laptop backpack for women

Unisex design, and fit for multiple activities from taking it to workplace, college, outdoor, indoor activities, it is fit for all and can accommodate a laptop of up to 14 inches.  


6. Leather Laptop 18" Backpack Rucksack Travel Bag The Granada

Leather Laptop 18

100% Buffalo leather used in the design of this beautiful bag, with perfect vintage look and four frontal pockets. iPads, laptops, magazines, textbooks, notebooks, clothes, wallets, phones, and so much more to fit in this bag.  


7. Canvas & Buffalo Leather Laptop Backpack Casual Campus School Rucksack

Canvas & Buffalo Leather Laptop Backpack, leather laptop bag for women

Accommodating laptops up to 16 inches in a shockproof compartment, water bottles and all of your essentials in the 1 large front magnetic closure pocket, 1 back anti-thief pocket, 2 side pockets, and 2 inside wall pockets all in one. With the feature of adjustable back straps making it more practical to use.  


8. Distressed Leather Laptop Bag The Hermosa Design

Distressed Leather Laptop Bag The Hermosa Design, genuine leather laptop bag for men and women

This bag made from the hunter Buffalo Leather and Lined with High Quality Canvas, hand crafted by the artists of the leather jackson and fits up to 14.5 inches or a macbook in its padded compartment.  


9. Leather Backpack Laptop 2 in 1 Multipropósito Messenger Bag

Leather Backpack Laptop 2 in 1 Multipropósito Messenger Bag, luxury leather laptop backpack If your goal is lightweight travel with your laptop, this bag will be able to fulfill your search and with its ability to convert into a messenger bag or a backpack makes it all the more flexible to use.  


10. Leather Shoulder Briefcase Messenger Bag

Leather Shoulder Briefcase Messenger Bag

Ideal for small laptops and tablets, this bag gives the look of leather briefcase, which might we add is quite difficult to achieve.

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  • Jane

    I found a perfect leather laptop bag for my brother to gift him on the day he was leaving to study in Boston university. He was so delighted seeing the bag and is now using the bag from last 10 months. He loves the style of the bag and the pure leather quality.

  • Mrs Matime

    So glad I pulled the trigger on this backpack when I did as I see now the item is currently unavailble. I replaced a Nike sack pack with this and love the size …not to big or small and holds the items I like to EDC with. As the other reviews mentioned this bag is a beaut! Must be seen to be appreciated. Many compliments at my work today when I set it on my desk…both men and women.

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