A Foolproof Guide to Buy Leather Bags in 2022

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Leather is the most admired,vibrant material which has existed in our lives since ages. It not only personifies your style statement, lifestyle & fashion choices professionally or casually. But also leather is incredibly useful. Wide range of leather products are available in big brands, from fashion accessories to men's leather messenger bags, travel luggage bags to leather furnishings.

It's the fact that leather bags have become an important & crowning jewel of modern accessory for both men & women. Once you decide to spend your earnings on this expensive pleasure, it is important to ensure that your purchased product is worth every penny of the price you paid. That’s why all big brands make sure that their bags are carefully processed, Leather Jackson is one among them! 

Basically, there are numerous designs & colors available in leather handbags, office bags & travel bags in different types of leather which can be confusing at the time of shopping, So, here’s an informative & easy guide that will make you understand about the types of leather & help you choose your next best quality leather bag :  

1. Quality of Leather used:

Leather material can be classified into three groups that we should be mindful of before buying any leather product :

Raw or Full Grain Leather : In case of full grain leather, natural skin structure like pores & wrinkles remains visrtible on the final finishing of the product. One should choose this leather material as its the best leather which appears new even after years of use. It develops patina, a wonderful sheeny structure which appears on this leather material. The better the patina the superior is the quality. You can find leather duffle travel bags & best leather bags for the office in patina full grain at Leather Jackson.

Top Grain Leather : Top Grain Leather also known as Nubuck or Suede is buffed, sanded or roughened to get rid of the natural skin structure or markings. It is the second highest quality in leather material & is also on the more affordable option while buying.

Genuine leather : Also known as bonded leather is the lowest quality leather material. These are the scraps of leather material which is densely treated in chemicals & plastics that ultimately results in a low version of leather. Beware of purchasing genuine leather handbags as it's quite common in regular markets & sellers try to promote it as an authentic leather product at low price.

2.Tanning Process Of Leather Material

There are two type of leather tanning process for preserving which you need to know:

Chrome Tanning: Chrome Tanning is achieved with the chromium and different other chemical compounds. It takes only a few days to get it all. That’s why the leather bags manufactured via this technique are quite cheap in comparison to the vegetable tanning method, however the bags made with chrome tanning have captured 90% of the marketplace.

Vegetable Tanning: Unlike chrome tanned leather, it is made in an environmentally friendly manner. The word "vegetable" refers to the raw materials used in the manufacturing process such as tree bark & oaks. Vegetable tanned leather tends to be thicker and stiffer than chrome tanned leather since the whole process takes longer (but gets softer eventually when the leather breaks in). That's why higher-end bags profit from vegetable tanning. In terms of character, toughness, and keeping capacity. They're known for having a classic leather scent and a beautiful patina.

3. Durability & Stitching

Beware while picking leather bags by checking stitching at the time of purchasing that will also indicate the durability of the product. Straight, scarcely visible stitching with no loose threads is ideal. Examining the inner and outer surfaces for continuity is one way to verify this.

Make sure the handle is stitched and metal wares are used to secure it to the body. Do not compromise for glued handles, as it  Would Quickly Fall OFF.

4. Hardware & Fittings

Examine the consistency of all the small parts before purchasing a leather bag. Examining the information from each side of the bag is often beneficial. The following are the features that you should pay special attention to:

  • Shoulder strap fittings 
  • Buckles
  • Handles Locks
  • Metallic rings
  • Zipper closures (take note that metal zippers are of better quality than plastic zippers)

5. Color

The traditional leather bag colors are black, dark brown, tan, and light brown.

For professionals, black and dark brown are the best choices. They possess a feeling of power and dominance. Tan and lighter brown fit good in a somewhat more casual or relieved atmosphere.

Black is by far the most formal alternative, as it goes with every outfit color. However, dark chocolate brown  leather is another excellent choice. Even after a decade, this color will remain very graceful and classy.

Ignore bags of more than two different colors. These handbags are considered showy. The best option would be a single color.

6. Style & Statement

Eventually, see that as to what kind of impression you expect your bag to create. It's essential that the design is suitable for your business.

The bag must be sufficient for your needs. The correct decision will elevate your persona and reputation to new heights. It allows to make a strong impression all around you., it's crucial to understand the distinctions between a leather bags for office like briefcase and  messenger bag:

Office bags or Briefcases :

  • These are suitable for Advocates, consultants, engineers, physicians, entrepreneurs, and other executives who carry documents/laptops in and out of the workplace may find this useful.
  • It's the perfect complement to an attire you are dressed, to office or to a conference.

Messengers Bags

  • This is far more casual & dynamic unlike a briefcase.
  • It's designed to be worn from over shoulder or across the torso, and it's ideal for relaxed workplaces or vacation travel. For example Laptop bags, sling bags & duffle bags also fall under messenger bags.

7. Price

Finally, remember high price isn’t always the right sign of quality. Don't invest in any product simply because of the name brand. Instead, pay for the PREMIUM QUALITY LEATHER PRODUCT.


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  • Lucy

    I ordered a leather laptop bag from their website. The bag has a very premium quality and I got it at a very affordable price. Its been an year that I am using this bag and the dark brown colored leather bag looks still the same and buckles and zippers are still in its original condition and the durability of the bag still surprises me each day.

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