Best Leather Duffle Bags, Leather Weekender Bag For Men And Women

In this trendy world and the era of uniqueness everyone loves to stand different in looks. When we talk about carrying a traveling bag, leather duffel bags are the most suitable option for the trendiest person. Not just for travelling but leather duffel bags are great options for gym and weekender bags. 

Leather is always renowned for its lavish looks, durability and quality. Leather duffle bags are the best option to look classic for both men and women.

1. Leather Travel Luggage Bag Duffle Carry on Handbag

leather duffle bags, vintage leather duffle bags, genuine leather duffle bags
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This leather duffle bag from Leather Jackson looks amazing and good to go for all your travelling purposes. The brown color makes it a unique and classic collection for all your outings. It's a great option to look different on your work and casual trips. Some of these benefits will amaze you and make you buy this product-

  • This leather bag for travelling looks smart as it is handcrafted and made from the super quality buffalo leather.
  • This leather duffel bag has been made smartly as it's very good for organising all the necessary stuff. Shoe compartment in the duffel bag makes it very convenient. 
  • The lining used in the bag is also very high quality and water resistant.
  • It's best for personal use but also a very good option for gifts.

2. Handmade Vintage Leather Duffel Travel Bag

vintage leather duffle bags, genuine leather duffle bags

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This handmade vintage leather duffle travel bag is made of genuine leather. It gives a rich look to the user of the bag. This leather duffel bag is suitable for both men and women. The Leather duffle bag for men is very luxurious to take on work trips as it looks fancy yet smart. The leather duffle bag for women is also elegant and sassy to flaunt on casual and professional trips. Followings are the benefit to amuse you- 

  • The leather bag for travelling is made of excellent quality soft leather.
  • The lining of the bag is also durable.
  • The carrying capacity of the bag is also good.
  • Not just for traveling it can also be used for gym, carry on duffel, overnight bag etc.


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 3. Leather Duffel Bag 28 inch Large Travel Bag

vintage leather duffle bags, leather duffle bags

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Ethically sourced fully grained leather duffel bag is convenient for long trips as it is large in size and organizes the stuff very well. Following are the benefits of this bag-

  • The bag is durable due to the canvas lining.
  • The leather duffel bag is made of original leather to be a perfect partner for travelling.
  • It has a big compartment with other small compartments to keep all the stuff organised.
  • The surface of the bag is made with leather and has wrinkles on it which make it look vintage.
  • Adjustable strap of the bag makes it comfortable for the user.

4. Large Leather Overnight Duffle Bag | Handmade 30 inch


leather duffle bags for men, leather bags for travelling

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The large leather duffel bag is the most suitable option for all the professional males and females who have to travel for their business and work related trip. As you can see in the photo it is a large bag and is able to manage and organize a good amount of stuff in it, it’s also good for personal trips be it short or long. You can also use this bag for daily gym use. Look at the following benefits -

  • It is very authentic and durable as it is a handmade leather product.
  • A big compartment along with other small pockets are there in the bag to keep everything in place.
  • It can also be used for gyms. Leather bags for the gym look perfect and can make your day at the gym by giving you a different look at the gym. It can carry all your essentials like gym clothes, water bottle, mobile phone etc.


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524 Inch Genuine Leather Duffel | Travel Overnight Weekend Leather Bag

leather weekender bags for men, leather duffle bag for women

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The dark brown color of the bag is next level. It goes great on all occasions. Leather weekender bags are always needed for the best management of personal belongings while travelling. This beautiful bag is the first choice of every woman to flourish their look while travelling, be it personal or professional. Leather duffel bags for women are in trend nowadays. Not just women, all the men who love their high-toned look can go for this leather duffel bag without a second thought. Let’s see few more benefits of this bag to love it little more-

  • Made of natural italian leather to make it finest and super quality.
  • This leather duffle gym bag is handcrafted which makes it long lasting. 
  • Adjustable and detachable straps make it homely to use anywhere at the gym, sports, weekender or overnight.

6. Leather Travel Duffel Men's Carry on Bag

leather duffle bags for gym, leather duffle bags for men and women

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Leather duffel bags for men are the key to stealing hearts by looking perfect on your travel, gym, sports etc. This black duffel bag is just wow to give a tremendous look to any man. Go through this following benefits-

  • There is a side compartment to secure the shoes separately along with the front flap pocket to keep books and other stuff separately.
  • This leather duffel bag for men is made of original black leather giving it a classy look.
  • Perfect for men who like travelling so it can be a great option for a gift to any man.


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7. Thick Genuine Buffalo Leather Duffle Bag

leather duffle bags for women, leather bags for travelling

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Leather duffle bags are natural and recyclable that can be the best option for traveling or for gym. This black duffel bag is made of thick buffalo genuine leather that makes it durable and flexible. Followings are the benefits of this bag-

  • Very comfortable in use as it has an adjustable strap.
  • This bag is perfect for short trips as it's an under armour duffle bag.
  • The black is the color of perfection so it is a good match for all the outfits.

8. Thick Buffalo Leather 20 Inch Duffel

Buffalo leather duffle bag, leather bags for men

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This leather duffel bag looks quirky because of its color. Leather bags for travelling enhance every look of a traveller on their trip. Let’s see the following benefits-

This is a multiutility bag that can be used for gym, traveling, weekender, overnight, sports etc.

  • This leather bag is made of 100% original leather and higher quality lining that makes it long lasting.
  • With an adjustable shoulder strap it also has a shoulder pad to give you comfort while carrying a heavy bag filled with all your essentials. 


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9. Duffle Bag Gym Overnight Weekend Luggage Carry on Bag

overnight duffle bag, leather weekender bag, leather travelling bag

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This one is a beautiful multiutility bag. Unisex in nature which make it best option for the family. Being a woman, a woman has to play a lot of roles like mother, wife, business woman, daughter and so many. A leather duffle bag for women is the most required thing for women as they want to look elegant, they need to organise their stuff, they need to travel and for so many things. Here is the following benefits of this leather duffel bag-

  • Looks graceful and suitable for all the occasions like traveling, gym, sports etc.
  • You can also turn this bag into a messenger bag as it has detachable straps on the sides.
  • This bag is beautifully designed to organize your things properly. 

10. Leather Square Duffel Travel Gym Bag

leather duffle bags for men and women

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Leather duffel bags for travelling are very favourable in travelling specially for flight to look great and it systamize all the travelling stuff. This leather duffle bag is good for both men and women. Followings are the benefits of this bag-

  • It is a multiutility bag that also looks awesome on all occasions.
  • Made of original leather with a long lasting canvas.
  • Comfortable while carrying due to its detachable and adjustable straps with shoulders pads.

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  • Ryan

    I ordered one buffalo leather duffle bag in black color to carry it to the gym and to my cricket practice. I am happy with the durability and softness of the bag. I get so many compliments for the same. I would love to order one more bag for my dad also.

  • Bhaumik

    I got a vintage leather duffle bag for myself to carry it to a trip to Manali. I am so happy with the purchase as it has a very good quality and built. It looked so stylish and I would definitely recommend this bag to all the people who love to travel as it adds to your style and is very spacious to manage all your belongings.

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