Real Leather vs Faux Leather: What’s the difference?

real leather vs faux leather, real vs faux leather

If you all are considering purchasing real leather bags but aren't sure whether to go with real leather or faux leather, we'll be able to assist you by highlighting the differences between the two.

Real leather is amongst the most coveted and aesthetically beautiful materials available, and it is regarded as a premium material due to its ability to withstand the test of time. This usually entails a hefty price tag (well, not always when you have Leather Jackson), as well as the fact that it is made from animal skin. Faux leather is just as popular as real leather, and many fashion designers use it as a cheaper and more economical alternative for their customers' bags, garments, and accessories. The resources needed to manufacture imitation leather are non-renewable, and the procedures are considered unfriendly to the environment, therefore this substitute to leather has received so much criticism.

So, if you were to buy one of the best real leather bags, which one would you pick? Is it better to use real or fake leather?

Understanding the Difference

Faux leathers are frequently advertised as though they were made of real leather. Avoid phrases like: if you're looking for an actual leather bag.

  • Faux Leather
  • PU Leather
  • Cork Leather
  • Ocean Leather
  • Pleather
  • Leatherette (Fabric covered in plastic)
  • Vegan Leather
  • Piñatex (Made from pineapple leaves)

Identifying the leather

Test I - The Smell

How do you determine if a piece of leather is real? Make use of your senses. Fake leather has a chemical or plastic odour. Real leather has a distinct smell. If the procedure isn't done properly, cheap leather could also smell like chemicals.

Test II - Appearance

Original leather is derived from real animals. Skin has a variety of qualities. Scars, stretch marks, veining, and other natural flaws are frequently visible.

If the synthetic leather has a pattern pressed into it to provide it grain or the impression of real leather, you'll notice a repeated pattern, similar to wallpaper. Real leather, on the other hand, can be stamped (or "plated") to create a pattern that was not there in the natural hide.

Wrinkles, imperfections, and an appearance that is "too pristine" are all signs that the bag is made of synthetic leather.

Test III - Feels Like Skin

Press your fingers into the leather. Is it prone to wrinkling and creases like your skin? Are there any pores visible? Keep in mind that leather is the tanned and polished skin of an animal.

This test is dependent on the leather coating or finish, as extensively coated leather doesn't always respond the same manner as more natural qualities.

To achieve a flawless finish, full leather athletic shoes require thin leather with extensive layers of a clay-like material added. Yes. They're made of leather, but they're extensively covered. Faux or artificial materials simply depress beneath your touch, but their form, firmness, and texture are retained.

Test IV - Opposite Side Appearance

If you can see the backside of the original leather bags, you might be able to tell if it's real or phoney (or not). A leather-like surface is frequently bonded or laminated to cloth or a paper-like substance. Real leather can be rugged or soft, and it can be polished or unfinished. It may also change slightly in colour from the completed top side grain.

Test V - Fire

The said test is not advised on a product you haven't really purchased for obvious reasons... You'll definitely be destroying some of the stuff.

Hold a lighter flame on a little portion of the material if you possess the goods (and are truly inquisitive) and can detect an inconspicuous inside seam.

It's leather if it chars and smells like burnt hair. It's synthetic if the product starts burning or melts (fake leather). You may have ruined your suitcase, but at least you now know... Such are the ramifications of putting a synthetic leather bag to the test. And now you understand why cows don't literally explode.

Test VI - Water

Real leather can have water resistant characteristics depending on the finishing method. Take one of the leather messenger bags (if you have) and pour some water on it. Just like a real cow, most leather will absorb some water. Almost all synthetic fabrics are water resistant right away.

Test VII - Color

Color isn't a good predictor of whether a bag is made of imitation leather or real leather because of all the pigments, varnishes, and special treatments that can be added to a tanned hide.

Either a bright pink or a bright blue could be used. These hues are not natural to a real cow, despite their beauty.

Test VIII - Price

Compare the price of a product that you know is made of real leather vs one that you believe is made of cheap leather.

In most cases, the faux leather item will be far less expensive than the original quality leather bags (unless the brand is mentioning a Faux leather as a Real one). Trust your instincts if an offer appears to be too good to be true.

Fake leather is made in bolts and sold by the yard, similar to cloth. Even growing a pineapple takes time and effort, real leather through a variety of time-consuming and costly processes. Leather is usually sold in skins or halves (half-hides) and is formed like the animal it originated from.

A reduced cost of products usually results in a lower cost of the finished product. Unless, of course, you're getting the bogus goods AND being ripped off. When you shop at Leather Jackson, you'll always be secured with natural, wonderful products.

Summing Up

By examining the various features that both real leather vs faux leather have to offer, you should now have a better idea of which one is right for you. It all depends on the preference and the attributes you're looking for in a leather or synthetic purse.

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