Satchel vs Messenger Bag : All You Need To Know!

leather satchel vs messenger bag

In today’s era, there are different bags depending on the usages. They have become more of a fashion statement. At times, you might find yourself in astonishing situations where two bags look exactly the same, yet their names are different. In this blog, we will be highlighting the difference between two such leather bags - Satchel vs Messenger Bag.

What is a Satchel Bag?

Satchel bags, as per sources, were originally used by Roman soldiers to carry rations. Ideally, Satchel bags are more of a box-like structure in a rectangular shape and flat bottom. The Satchels are made of leather and have one strap longer than the other, the purpose of which is to carry the bag diagonally on the body with the bag resting on the opposite side. This makes it pretty easy to carry. It also has a  Flap that is meant to protect the contents of the bag. Leather satchels for men and women both make a style statement when carried.

What is a Messenger Bag?

The history of Messenger bags dates back to the time when they were used by postmen for carrying posts, hence it is named as Messenger bags. Originally, these bags were made of cotton canvas. However, modern messenger bags are mostly made of leather to give them a more sophisticated look. They have straps meant to rest the bag on the lower back. This makes them an ideal choice while riding bicycles or two-wheelers. 

So, this brings us to the question: What is the difference between Satchel vs Messenger Bag? Let’s try to understand the difference with the help of the below table:

Difference Between Satchel vs Messenger Bags

Point of Difference

Satchel Bag

Messenger Bag


Used by Roman soldiers to carry rations

Originally used by Postmen to carry posts


Originally made of leather

Originally made of cotton canvas

Strap Length

The strap length is relatively long so as to make them easy to carry lower on the body

The strap length is shorter to serve the purpose of carrying them on the lower back


They are more tall than wide

They are more wide than tall so that they can easily rest on the lower back

Style of carrying

They are worn diagonally across the body with the bag resting on the opposite side

They are worn in a manner that the bag rests on the lower back


Ideal for students to carry books

Ideal for office use

These points highlight the key differences between Satchel vs Messenger bags and can help you big time when you go on your next shopping spree!

Why Choose a Leather Bag?

Thinking that leather has just become popular in the current century with the rise in fashion trends would be absolutely wrong. Yes, you heard that right! Leather has been a popular choice for clothes, bags, and other accessories since 2200 B.C. Hard to believe I know!

The following points explain what makes leather a popular choice for bags above other material:

  1. Sturdiness - Leather is known for its sturdiness. That means, use it every day without the fear of wear and tear. The durability and quality are what make leather stand out from other materials.
  2. Impermeable - Leather, though not 100%, but gives the contents of your bag better protection from getting drenched when you are suddenly stuck in rain.
  3. Environment Friendly - Because there is no chemical used to treat leather, unlike other materials used for bags, this makes it an ideal choice for environment-loving people. 
  4. Sophistication - Leather is a popular choice among all age groups because of the rich look and class it gives. If you are someone who does not buy bags frequently, you can invest in leather bags as they look sophisticated and meant to last long.

Now when you go out for shopping bags, you know you have a choice to buy leather bags as well. But might want to know that there are different types of Leather as well! Make sure you are able to identify original leather and do not fall prey to duplicate products. 

Go check out our Leather Buying Guide to get an idea of which leather is the best for handbags. 

Best Leather Messenger Bags

1. Leather Messenger Bag | Office College Bag

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This Leather Messenger Bag is Made from the finest Hunter buffalo leather and lined with high-quality canvas this bag is handcrafted by artisans working with leather for decades.

2. Leather Laptop Bag The Pamplona Bag

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Pamplona Leather Laptop bag is made of superior cowhide leather which is soft and long-lasting. The bag is skillfully sewed with strong lining to ensure high durability for everyday use. This is one of the best-selling leather laptop messenger bags.

3. Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

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Made from the finest Hunter buffalo leather and lined with high quality canvas this bag is handcrafted by artisans working with leather for decades. For this very reason, it is one of the best leather messenger bags.


Both Messenger and Satchel bags have their own unique attributes and the decision on which one to carry completely depends on your needs. Because of the rich look these two bags give, they are an ideal choice for both men and women. The bottom line is, carry either of the two, it is definitely going to add the oomph factor to your looks.

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  • shanaya

    I bought a hunter leather laptop messenger bag for my younger brother so that he can carry his laptop to the college. He is so delighted with it as the bag is so sophisticated and durable and is best for everyday use.

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