Leather Duffle Bags

These vintage leather Duffle bags are commonly cherished as a result of their total flexibility. In spite of the reputation of luggage and suitcase sets, large leather duffel bags stay an ideal option for tourists. The reason is even though you haven't boarded a plane in decades, you possibly can put a traveling duffle to use. Tours to the gymnasium, office, or grandma's need anything long-lasting to have your things. The introduction of the weekender/overnighter bags or leather gym bags helps make sporting your chosen style bag actually convenient.

What is the most effective way to clean my Leather Duffle Bag?

Normal leather cleaners and shoe polishes are our usual go-to! (Make sure you color match correctly). If you've stained your product, we recommend taking it to your local shoe fix-it shop to check what they will do. They have worked with almost every sort of leather for years and may guide you extra.


  • A cute way to contain period products
  • For travel toiletries
  • To store your hairdryer, straightener, or curler
  • To untangle all of your chargers and keep tech safe

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