About Us

In 2014, we founded Leather Jackson with the goal of answering this simple question: "Is it possible to buy Full Grain Leather bags without mortgaging your car or your home"? Few years back answer was not exactly. Our mission is to change that answer by providing fashionable Eco-Friendly leather bags at selling prices up to 60% less than the retail prices of other and also at a considerable discount to the costs in a department store or even on the high street.

Who are the people on our team?

Actually, since presently there are around 15 designers and even artisans who are working within our team. So,it’s a little team which mainly consists of creative designers and artisans of leather-based bags and online marketing professionals. We have individually assigned people who look after the website and online purchases.

Why sell in such cheap prices?

People nowadays assume that if the prices of leather products are cheap, the quality would be cheaper only whereas people have no idea that there are small leather crafter around the world who makes the best quality leather products but are not educated enough to sell them online. Leather Jackson is one those initiative to bring those leather goods globally.